“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

Traveling gives us the opportunity to observe and identify our core, our principles and our values. By changing our outside environment and routine we are able to recognize what stays the same within. It 
can be the path through which you are able to peel layers of distorted perceptions of yourself and the world itself. By uncovering our true nature, we realize our connectedness to all that is and as a result our choices and decisions will reflect a deeper care for not only ourselves, but the community around us and the planet we live in.

We travel, we change ourselves, we change others, we grow together. 
We are able to recognize the shared humanness amidst our differences. Traveling brings us closer to each other and to ourselves.

It is with that in mind that Nature Yoga Retreats was created.  Mindful traveling that seeks to nurture your growth as well as the growth of the place you are traveling to.

We have a compass that guides all our journeys are it's based on the following directions:


Sustainability, Preservation, Healthy Exchange with Mother Earth

Being responsible and mindful for what I use, reuse, recycle and dispose when traveling. From the point of view of the planet itself, throwing something away/out doesn’t really exist. Everything stays here and it is our duty to make better decisions in regards to our consumption on an individual level. My everyday simple and trivial choices absolutely matter in the grand scheme of things. We supporting people and businesses that are environmentally conscious in all aspects of living.


Community Support and Cultural Engagement

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”


"We are what we eat." and "Let food be thy medicine."

Purpose and Intention 

The purpose is to awaken a sense of belonging with nature and how important you are in the grand scheme of things.

Being mindful of how we travel and walk through the world is an essential part of this process of re-learning who we are.

Ari Brasil